Fiber Optic Light Equipment Repairs

as GOOD as NEW

Broken or burnt fibers can cause significant light reduction, impairing the surgeons’ vision and ultimately compromising patient safety. SRI can replace all fiber optic and optical components using the finest quality replacement parts.

Repairs for virtually all manufacturers, including Olympus®, Stryker®, K. Storz®, Circon/ACMI®, Dyonics®, Pentax®, R. Wolf®, Linvatec®, and More…

Fiber Optic Light Transmission Cables, Surgical Headlights, Fiberoptic Retractors, Light Carriers, Esophagoscopes, Laryngoscopes, and more…

  • OEM-compatible replacement parts
  • Complete rebuilds include fiber optic/sheath/adaptor repair or replacement
  • Convert adaptor ends to any model, including universal adaptors
  • Sheath color/length modifications
  • Bi-furcated and specialty cables
  • Turnaround: 5-7 days
  • 90 Day Warranty
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