Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is SRI a better choice for my equipment repairs?
A: With over a decade of repair experience and technological advancement, SRI offers you proven and reliable services at up to 50% savings over your manufacturer’s repair costs.

Q: Does SRI charge for repair estimates?
A: SRI provides free repair estimates. Customers are only responsible for shipping charges.

Q: Does SRI provide loaner equipment?
A: Yes. SRI provides loaners at no charge while your instrument is being repaired. Loaner equipment includes: Flexible Endoscopes, Rigid Endoscopes, Power Equipment, Phaco Handpieces and Video Equipment. Loaners are subject to availability.

Q: Does SRI offer preventative maintenance programs?
A: Yes. Preventive maintenance is an integral part of SRI’s instrument repair philosophy. This service is provided to our customers free of charge on a semi-annual basis, or upon request. For more information, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-724-9885.

Q: Does SRI offer in-services?
A: Yes. SRI is fully engaged in the ongoing education of health care facility personnel to assist with the proper care and handling of instruments. This service is provided to our customers free of charge on a semi-annual basis, or upon request. For more information, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-724-9885.

Q: Does SRI offer technical support?
A: Yes. SRI Representatives are ready to assist customers via telephone or e-mail with any equipment-related questions or concerns.

Q: What type of warranty coverage does SRI offer?
A: SRI provides a 120-day warranty on Flexible Endoscopes, Rigid Endoscopes, Power Equipment and Phaco Handpieces. Other equipment is coverered for 90 days. Our warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship, but does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, mishandling or negligence.

Q: What is SRI’s shipping method?
A: SRI uses all major carriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL.

Q: Does SRI carry Liability Insurance?
A: Yes. SRI can provide a copy of its current insurance policy upon request.

Q: Does SRI use USP Class VI parts and adhesives?
A: Yes. Patient-safety is always our number one concern. Supporting documentation can be provided at the customer’s request.

Q: Where does SRI obtain its parts?
A: SRI manufactures its own replacement parts and partners with a number of high-quality manufacturers to meet the repair demands. Replacement parts are manufactured according to OEM specifications through a process called ‘reverse engineering’. SRI only uses the highest quality parts and materials available in the market.

Q: Does SRI use new or salvaged parts?
A: SRI only uses new and OEM-equivalent replacement parts. Replacement parts meet or exceed OEM specifications and satisfy USP Class VI requirements.

Q: Are SRI’s repairs, parts and adhesives autoclavable, Steris and Sterrad compatible?
A: Yes. Through a combination of expertise, quality parts and technological advancement, SRI is able to provide you with dependable repairs that will sustain the most arduous sterilization methods.

Q: Does SRI provide service reports?
A: Yes.

Q: Does SRI have detailed instrument-tracking capabilities?
A: Yes. SRI can track a customer’s instruments using a number of criteria in virtually no time.

Q: Can SRI provide a repair history on my equipment?
A: Yes. SRI maintains a comprehensive database of all the repairs it performs. Up-to-date reports are provided on a quarterly basis or at our customer’s request.

Q: Would SRI allow customers to tour its repair facility?
A: Yes. We always welcome visitors who desire to become acquainted with our company and its staff.

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