Quality Assurance

Your equipment is our patient

When your equipment passes through our doors, it receives the highest level of professional treatment from our repair experts. It’s no accident that SRI delivers quality the first time around.

  • Superior quality repairs that meet or exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturers) specifications
  • Factory-trained Technicians
  • Replacement parts are new and OEM-equivalent
  • USP Class VI and biocompatible materials
  • Warranty coverage on materials and workmanship
  • Full liability, fire/theft, and shipping insurance coverage

Replacement Parts

  • Replacement parts are new and OEM-equivalent
  • SRI manufactures its own replacement parts and partners with a number of high quality part manufacturers to meet the repair demands
  • Replacement parts are manufactured according to OEM specifications
  • SRI only uses the highest quality components available in the market
  • Replacement parts meet or exceed industry standards
  • SRI only uses USP Class VI and biocompatible materials

SRI’s Warranty

Did you know that your Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty does not cover repairs resulting from accidents, misuse, mishandling, or negligence? Consider SRI prior to sending your equipment back to the OEM. SRI will inspect your equipment at no charge and provide a repair estimate at significant cost savings. Any damage that appears to be covered under the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranty will be promptly communicated so you can have the option of having us forward your equipment to the OEM, or simply returned to you. SRI…Service that’s always a step ahead.

SRI’s standard warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a prescribed period of time, varying by category of equipment. Our warranty for Flexible and Rigid Endoscopes, Power Equipment, and Phaco Handpieces extends for 120 days. All other equipment and instruments are covered for 90 Days.

Like the OEM, our warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse, mishandling or negligence. Unlike the OEM, your repair costs are not out of sight.

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