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Working hard when your equipment isn’t

Surgical Repairs International (SRI) is the ideal source for medical equipment repair. Our advanced repair capabilities are central to a service structure that guarantees the healthiest customer relationships. Since its inception in 1992, SRI has become a beacon of quality and service in the health care community, providing cost-effective alternatives to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) while maintaining high quality standards.

At SRI, we believe that providing reliable and cost-effective repairs is only part of the equation. Our goal is to help you reduce the frequency of your repairs by identifying the root cause of your equipment breakdown. We work with medical professionals like you every step of the way, offering valuable options and giving you the undivided attention you deserve.

Our team of highly-skilled technicians have developed advanced capabilities on a wide range of instruments used in:

Operating Rooms
Surgery Centers
Urology Clinics
Eye Clinics
Dental Labs

SRI also offers a high-quality line of new and pre-owned Endoscopy products at cost-effective prices.

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